Allen Edwards Salon + Spa
Allen Edwards, CEO

Internationally renowned hairstylist and entrepreneur, Allen Edwards, continues his focus on constantly creating new and exciting hair styles, training fellow stylists, and developing products that continue to raise the standard in the beauty industry. With over thirty years of styling some of the world's most recognizable celebrities, Allen Edwards and his team of professionals have truly placed their mark as innovative talents and trendsetters.

After taking over the successful Los Angeles based John Peters' salons in the 70s, Edwards quickly revamped not just the name, but the image as well. With the changes, Edwards created one of the first extensive training programs for up-and-coming hair stylists, which often required one to two years working as an assistant stylist before going on the floor. The training program, which is still in effect today has become highly competitive and ensures that the Allen Edwards' Salons attract and retain the very best.

In the '70s Edwards crafted Farrah Fawcett's signature feathered look. The "Farrah" and its subsequent adaptations continue to remain as one of the most popular and copied hair styles to date. With success, Edwards quickly became one of the most sought after celebrity stylists and spokesperson for such companies as Clairol, KMS, Sun Silk, and Aveda. Having worked with Hollywood's finest over the years it is no wonder that celebrities such as Julianne Moore, Renee Zellweger, Laura Flynn Boyle, Leah Remini, Donna Mills, Raquel Welch and many others have sought the expertise of Edwards and his team to always keep them looking their best. Furthermore, Edwards' large celebrity clientele has paved the way for appearances on television, such as Oprah, E!, Style Network, and Regis & Kathy Lee to name a few. With well over 1,000 appearances, Edwards continues working with many of the leading makeover and reality shows lending his talent and ability to help others look their best.

Never one to rest and with the charisma of an entertainer, Edwards is credited with producing the first "rock" hair show, which incorporates the concept of a rock concert and utilizes lighting, music and other theatrical effects while presenting the latest techniques in styling. Often attended by thousands of stylists and industry experts, Edwards has presented some of his signature techniques such as scrunching, blow curls, cutting with tapering scissors / razors, and many more advanced methods that he has developed.

Always staying on the forefront of the beauty industry and realizing the importance in today's busy world to take time out to relax and rejuvenate, the Allen Edwards Salons were one of the first establishments to add spa treatments such as facials, massages, and body treatments at their locations.

Allen Edwards Hair as it is now known, is frequented by women and men who know they will receive the highest levels of service by trained professionals. According to Edwards, "No matter what's going on in your life, looking good can always help your self-image and help you feel good about yourself. When a client says that they love the way they look and feel, I know my team and I have done our job. This has always been my goal."

Along with business partner and wife Lisa, Edwards continues to oversee the direction of style development and training. When not at the salon, Edwards and his wife Lisa, are avid health enthusiasts and animal lovers. With the creation of his hair care line Shear Force, television appearances, a book chronicling his life and career, and continuing to train his carefully chosen assistants, it is no wonder Edwards is a constant source of creative energy.

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